Review: Knitters Pride Dreamz DPNs for sock knitting (US Sz 1/2.25mm)

Where I bought it:

I went to check out a new LYS in my area, Ewe + You. It’s a really cute little shop, located conveniently near the John Wayne airport intersection in Irvine/Costa Mesa. I couldn’t find the store front from the parking lot, but once I walked in a little bit into the business park, I found it right away. To Read More about the Review, go to


Christmas Yarns and Difficulty with #DestashChallenge

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I know that I just blogged about how I’m going to use up all my stash yarns and only reward myself with 100g of fiber or sock yarn for every 10 skeins I use and all that, but seriously, have you seen the indie dyers and their Etsy shops lately? UGH! It’s like the world is telling me, haha you think this #DestashChallenge is going to be easyyy?? Read more on my Candy + Bagel Blog.

Destash Challenge

Ah, every crafter’s dilemma.

There are so many beautiful yarns to be bought and knitted with, but you have so much room in your home.

I’ve always thought I had it under control–Since May 2013, I have not purchased any yarn…until this month, when I accidentally saw 25% off total purchase coupon at Michael’s, and actually went to Michaels on my own volition, and bought 7 balls of Patons Classic Wool, and 12 balls of Patons Kroy Socks. #fail

Our home is in the (SLOW) process of re-organization and purging, in order to make room for the new HUMAN member of our family. I’m not the one to go crazy with re-decorating an entire room/house for a baby, but I know that I would still need a lot of space for the baby’s STUFF. We will be re-purposing a lot of our own furniture for the baby, like emptying out my yarn stash shelf and put it on its side so that we can store baby’s things on there, and use the top for the changing station.

And that means, that yarn stash need to go someplace else.

Along with my 3 sewing machines, and all the fabrics I have accumulated over the last 5 years, cutting boards, a cutting table, not to mention all the notions that go along with sewing and knitting.

Don’t even get me started on spinning because my spinning wheel and fiber stash found their home in the living room already.

I have decided to move the sewing station out to our Home Office area, and bought a sewing cabinet on Amazon last night (with wheels!) so that I can safely stow away pins, needles, and sharp scissors.

But here’s my situation with yarns. I have, not one, not two, but THREE 20-gallon Rubbermaid plastic container FULL of yarns + one Ikea Shelf full of yarns + 3 fabric baskets full of yarns. #sigh

SO! Here’s my Destash Plan. This will continue over the next year or two, as we will definitely be needing more space for the baby as the baby grows into the toddler years. The guest room/my studio will eventually become Logan’s room in the next 2~3 years. My goal is to bring down my yarn stash down to just 1 Rubbermaid plastic container (…until maybe we find an excuse to move into a bigger home?????? MAYBE??)

1. Knit like crazy. But only using yarns at home.

2. For every 10 skeins of yarn used, I reward myself with: 1 skein of sock yarn; OR 4 oz of spinning fiber; OR a book.

3. Keep track of this process with #DestashChallenge, starting today, 11/17/2014!

This, of course, excludes any yarns that I receive for my designs. That’s work. 😛

FO: Ballet Shorts



Title: Ballet Shorts

Pattern used: “Gorgeous” Shorties by Girly Knits

Needles: US 6

Yarn: Berroco Vintage DK in Purple/Plum colorway


I wanted a pair of knitted shorts for my ballet classes. I bought some shorts from dancewear stores, but they’re made out of cotton blend or nylon blend, and they’re great for summer but once the temperature started cooling down a bit, and my ligaments and joints are all loosened up from the pregnancy, I knew I had to get something warmer to protect myself.

I bought this pattern a while ago, to make something I can wear around the house. But for ballet, I made some modifications in order to make it more “activewear” appropriate.

1. I got rid of the Gorgeous lettering pattern.

2. No drawstrings — Made the top of the shorts a bit longer and skipped the eyelets.

3. No ruffles – no bulk needed. I just finished the openings with 1″ 2×2 ribbing.

It took me less than 24 hours to make it! I love the finished object, and already wore them to class twice. And they’re definitely warm.

Happy Birthday to ME, now 30!

1 2Today is my 30th birthday.



It feels like it was just yesterday that I was at my 29th birthday event, a great event that my lovely husband prepared, wearing this same dress and enjoying the Diana Vishneva performance which my husband dedicated in my name. I remember coming out of the event, feeling like I was on a mission.

I wanted to be a better person before turning 30. I wanted to be done, once and for all, with my eating disorder past and body image issues, and be healthy inside and out. And I wanted to practice letting go.

And everyday, I have been working on my list, and have been waiting for this day to arrive.

And~ It looks like Baby Logan is also excited about my birthday. I was feeling him moving around all day long. Usually, I would feel him once or twice a day, but today I was much more aware of him. 🙂


FO: Soho Smocked Dress (Maternity)


Pattern: Soho Smoked Dress from Modern Top-Down Knitting by Kristina McGowan

Yarn: Unknown Brand, Sport weight tweed yarn on the cone. Purchased from Dongdaemun Yarn Market in Seoul, South Korea. (It was a BARGAIN with all caps, $20 for the 2 pound of yarn). Feels like wool blend.

Needles: US 3, 5, and 7 (for the main body).


I was so sure that by the Month 6, I would be huge. In fact, I thought I would start getting huge 2 months into the pregnancy and was sad to say goodbye to my clothes. Oh boy, was I wrong. At week 20, halfway done with my pregnancy, I’m still fitting into all my regular jeans and tshirts. Under my regular clothes, I have a small bump, but only a few people who know about my pregnancy notice. SO! I knew I could take on a somewhat large of a knitting project and finish it in time for my big growing belly.

Well, this project was very fun. I made a lot of modification to fit the upper body to my normal size, and then played around with the hip width to accommodate my future baby bump. I was able to add in sleeves and edging, and still have about 180g of yarn left. Perhaps a matching cardigan for the baby boy?

The front of the bodice still came out a little too big on me. And the deep v-neck isn’t very flattering. I have large bust for my size so the deep v-neck just makes me look really wide. I might sew or crochet in a little lace panel.



Baby Update: It’s a Boy! (Probably)

My husband and I just went to our Anatomy Scan (Week 19) last Friday. And we found out that we are having a boy! Well the technician said that she’s not 100% sure, but she thought she saw boy parts. 🙂

Since I found out I was pregnant, and got over the initial denial/shock/panic, the first positive thing I thought of was, if it’s a girl, how I can sew and knit her cute dance clothes and send her to ballet and eventually dance together on pointe. If it’s a boy, I can still send him to ballet, but he won’t really dance on pointe or have fun exciting dresses that I can make for him =P

But now that I actually found out that it’s a boy, I am not disappointed. Actually, I’m surprised that I am more excited than ever! I dream about him dancing, playing basketball with my husband, and running around with our doggies. Perhaps, now that I know, this whole baby business seems more real than ever?

Here are some scans from my ultrasound! His face, arm, and feet. The doctor sent me an email today to confirm that everything looks normal so I can go on this trip to Korea!