Baby Update: It’s a Boy! (Probably)

My husband and I just went to our Anatomy Scan (Week 19) last Friday. And we found out that we are having a boy! Well the technician said that she’s not 100% sure, but she thought she saw boy parts. 🙂

Since I found out I was pregnant, and got over the initial denial/shock/panic, the first positive thing I thought of was, if it’s a girl, how I can sew and knit her cute dance clothes and send her to ballet and eventually dance together on pointe. If it’s a boy, I can still send him to ballet, but he won’t really dance on pointe or have fun exciting dresses that I can make for him =P

But now that I actually found out that it’s a boy, I am not disappointed. Actually, I’m surprised that I am more excited than ever! I dream about him dancing, playing basketball with my husband, and running around with our doggies. Perhaps, now that I know, this whole baby business seems more real than ever?

Here are some scans from my ultrasound! His face, arm, and feet. The doctor sent me an email today to confirm that everything looks normal so I can go on this trip to Korea!





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