Happy Mother’s Day!

Hope you are enjoying a beautiful Mother’s Day!

Even though both my husband and my parents live overseas, and don’t get to share many holidays with us, we will be celebrating in spirit. And what about all our friends who are new mommies or mommies-to-be! Happy Mother’s Day!

On my recent trip to TNNA, I picked up a new potential hobby. Every time I come back from TNNA, it seems like I get a new hobby, yah?

Cross stitch and Embroidery!

My friends at Red Letter Day Stitches are celebrating with a discount on the Mother’s Day pattern! They have a stitches guide for free download if you’re a first timer like me! I actually want to do this on a skirt I sew a couple of years ago. Also if you LIKE their Facebook Page, you can get a code to download a beginner-friendly pattern for free! 

And then another ingenious product I picked up at TNNA is an accessory kit from Red Gate Stitchery. Tell me these are not the cutest thing you’ve ever seen. Cross stitch on bamboo pendants! And leather bracelets!


It even had the tapestry needle in the kit so I could’ve just done everything on my way home FROM TNNA. 😀

It has 3 patterns to choose from within the kit and has enough embroidery floss to do any of the patterns. The bamboo part is laser cut so it looks clean, and looks so cool when you’re done. I didn’t get this leather one yet, but I know Marty would wear this in a heartbeat if I ever made it. 

I love it when the new generation of crafters bring in new materials and make cooler, marketable products like this! This will make such good gifts too, just as is. 



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