5/6 what I was working on over TNNA weekend

My Austin Tee from Interweave Knitscene Summer 2014


10 thoughts on “5/6 what I was working on over TNNA weekend

  1. I have bought a magazine with the “austin tee” pattern and i was hoping that you may have a simpler pattern because this one has confused me. I’m at the beginning of doing the lace chart bit.

    hoping you can help

    Jessica I

    • Hi Jessica, thanks so much for your interest! I am not sure what you need help with. Do you need help with followimg the pattern? Or do you want to try something simpler? Let me know.

  2. its the ssk on RS, ssp on WS it sounds like a k2tog. Am I suppose to do knit on the inside for this bit?

    • I have a copy too and I don’t see any misprint.. Are you looking at the right chart? I think there are two charts on that page.

    • Thats the correct page. I think you are confused because the Legend says, K on RS and P on WS. Ignore that and follow the directions until you reach armhole and that it’ll make sense why there’s a WS. 🙂

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