Knitting: Nourishment for my soul

If you haven’t noticed already, this is my knitting blog — I talk about my work, my trips, and life in general, but this is mostly for my knitwear designs and other things I create.

Knitting is how I nourish my soul. When I picked up knitting again in 2007, I was looking for something fun, something I can focus on, besides school. In a way, my stressful law school days made me crave something cozy and fluffly and colorful.

When I first got published in 2011, I started seeing knitting in a different light. It was no longer just a hobby. It was love! Deep down, I knew that I would never feel alive without my knitting.

Why do I knit? you ask. After all, the world is literally littered with cheap, affordable clothing and accessories.

But handmade clothes are different.

Whenever practically possible, I use natural fibers and the possibilities are endless — any combination of: cotton, shetland, merino, cashmere, qiviut, yak, bamboo, banana, seaweed, silk… Even when I create things for children or activewear, I choose materials of high quality and NOT made in China (or any other countries with a long history of deliberately violating human rights and consumer protection laws). This is why I make a point to tell my customers where my yarn is made from on my Etsy shop, even though the U.S. law only requires me to note “Made in USA with Imported Materials.”

It’s the least I could do as a small, indie designer. Someday, I would love to scout for a mill myself and go right to the source.

Knowing that what I’m wearing is as cruelty free as possible, makes my heart sing with joy every time I walk into my closet.

Some old-fashion things never go out of style. Books will still be loved by book lovers; newspaper will still be there even though we do get news from online sources; hand-written cards will always have that special touch that emails can’t replace. In fact, my theory is, the more technologically advanced the human race becomes, the more we will crave ‘the natural way’ Handmade/handknit clothing are the same way. A piece of us ache for the warmth and uniqueness of the threads a human being stitched on carefully and expertly.


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