5/1 New Eating Habit



I decided to make May my blogging month. As you can see on the left sidebar, I’ve joined the BlogHer’s May Blogging Challenge (NoBloPoMo), and this month’s theme is: NOURISH.

Throughout this month, I’ll be talking about things that nourish my body and soul.

Today, I thought I”d start this blog month easy and talk about FOOD.

Some people who have been reading my blog, you guys know that I’ve had a fair share of problems with eating. And how this year is my year to finally accept my past and move on.

So I’m going to share my new eating habit. Few months ago, a friend at my dance studio told me about Cassey Ho and Blogilates. Cassey shares her workout videos and meal plans for FREE! I did few of her workouts on YouTube and finally 3 weeks ago, started following one of her mealplans.

My meal plan doesn’t look exactly like hers because of my preference not to take any protein shakes. *Protein shakes and greek yogurt roughly have the same macro – 17g protein/1g fat/6g carbs (nonfat & plain). Protein shake has 23g protein/2g fat/3g carbs. I do get more carbs this way but 1) the rest of the meal plan is pretty low carb, 2) I prefer natural, fresh food vs. anything in a plastic container in a powder form, and 3) Cassey’s mea plan had ALMOST 50/50 carbs & protein. I wanted more of 45% carbs , 40% protein, and 15% fat.

I switched Nori with seaweed. I get dried ones from Korean market, and take a handful, rinse twice in water then soak. I pan fry this with a bit of GF soy sauce, mixed with water and other veggies.


I eat 1 egg white for breakfast and 1 whole egg for dinner. And I only eat Meal 6 on the days I went to ballet. Total calories for my meal plan is roughtly around 1200 (Cassey’s is aroung 1650. But I’m 5’4″ and don’t work out as much as her).

I still condition for my toes, ankles, and thighs everyday and do reps of curls with my 2 lbs dumbbells. I don’t like meat so I eat 4 oz chicken only once a day. The other times for Meals 3 and 4, I eat 1/4 bock of tofu.

I thought I was already eating healthy because I eat mostly what I cook, very seldom eat process food, eat 98% pescatarian. I didn’t really eat eggs or dairy either.

But I noticed that my weight started increasing even though I was eating around 800~900 kcal a day. I wasn’t eating enough, and wasn’t eating a balanced diet.  I ate mostly carbs — brown rice, fruits, and veggies. Very little meat, dairy, or plant-based protein. But also when I ate out, I would eat huge portions without thinking.

This new meal plan made me appreciate food in a new light. I don’t get cravings, I don’t feel hungry. In fact, on the first day, I was so full because I was eating so often.

The biggest change is probably, my attitude. Finally, I feel like I”ve found the perfect solution, to satisfy my need to feel light and thin, and to appease my temptation to crash diet and drive myself insane.

Here’s to my new relationship with food!


One thought on “5/1 New Eating Habit

  1. That’s so great that you found something that works so well for you! I wish you all the best with your diet and with the NoBloPoMo challenge too 🙂

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