Are you happy?

When I was in my early 20’s, I used to think that life was all about achieving “happiness,” as if happiness was some kind of a THING or a EPIPHANY you get once you reach a certain age or level of wisdom. Like a rainbow.

But the older I get, the less and less I use the word “happiness.” I realized that the word is used wrongly all over the world. HAPPY is not a thing or a piece of wisom or realization. Rather, it’s simply a state of emotion. It’s something you FEEL when you’re in a specific situation.

The realization that I simply cannot be happy ALL the time, was the key to my “happiness.” I think the more accurate term is “content.” It doesn’t sound as glorious as “happiness,” and a lot of times people think being content is less than being happy.

But being content really is the STATE that you want to be in–Constant calmness, sincerity, and satisfaction. When you’re content with your life, you can live a fulfilling, simplistic life, and even when events in your life turns sour for a period of time, it won’t make you depressed or want to end your life. And when good things happen, you’ll be thankful for your good fortune.

To me, being happy just means you’re excited about something. You can’t be excited about something all the time, unless you have psychological issues. Like, when people say “I’m so happy for you” that doesn’t mean that the person achieved a certain level of zen-like wisdom for you. It literally means the person is excited about something you did.

After that realization, I am no longer in search of this abstract idea of happiness. I’m much more in tune with my current situations, focused on solutions rather than running away from situations because I think somehow there has to be other alternatives that can make me happier. Now, I just look for solutions to my problems and deal with it, and think that it could have been worse and that I know how to handle it.

I’m feeling more introspective, with all this raining in socal..


One thought on “Are you happy?

  1. I like this post. My mother used to ask my grandmother who lived for 103 years, if she was happy and my grandmother would reply “I’m content” and my mother would be disappointed. But the older I get, the more I believe this is a good state to be in. No highs or lows, just consistent and satisfied.

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