New spinning wheel & Valentine’s


My new Schacht Ladybug arrived on Thursday!  I ordered one right after the winter TNNA.


My ladybug is on the right foot. I can’t get over how cute this wheel is. And how smooth it spins. It took me 2 minutes to assemble the whole wheel because the entire wheel comes assembled in its custom box. All I had to do was attach the treadles. What a contrast to my first wheel on which I spent 2 days finishing and assembling.

For the test drive, I chose this Malabrigo Nube roving:


See, Malabrigo is so beautiful but this roving was all compressed and almost felted, making pre drafting a must. I always predraft anyway since I like to spin very very thin.

This and my new spinning wheel and super high speed whole =


I am in love. What a perfect Valentine’s day gift to myself it was 🙂

My husband didn’t do so bad himself either. He sent me flowers and chocolate when I was at work.



Ane now, on to the 3-day weekend!


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