“Je suis un artiste”

It took a while for me to admit that I am an artist.

I had a chance to travel to France when I was in high school, and took an elementary painting class. Once we were done with our work, the teacher made all of the students say out l

oud, “Je suis un artiste” each time we introduce our paintings to the class.

That class really left an impression on me.

I mumbled the words “Je suis un artiste” but I didn’t believe those words. I felt uncomfortable because I had thought that artists are people who are incredibly famous and sophisticated–neither of which my 15-year-old self had.

But years after that class, I started seeing arts in everything. Some people cooked, but other people made magic with their food, some people sang but others made magic with their voices.

I learned to knit and sew just because I wanted to make my own clothes, but I’m starting to see that making clothes makes my imagination run wild. It makes my heart race.





Like this ballet skirt I made last weekend. Remember how I was in a slump? Well, I was determined to come back but needed a small project for that instant gratification. This was perfect. I got my old skirt, made a pattern draft, made some modifications, then sewed on my awesome serger.

I got a lot of compliments in my ballet class and love feeling that way again. That I did something fun, useful, and it started to get my brain moving again. Different lengths? Different fabric? prints? matching leotard! Try different techniques on the serger.

If you’re an artist too, where do you get your inspiration? Do you have strong network of artistic friends who guide you through your slump? Do you read? Do you just not do anything until it passes?


One thought on ““Je suis un artiste”

  1. I’d been in a creative slump for a few years and I gave up on my creativity and so my creativity gave up on me. after that I tried and tried to find inspiration, but everything I did seemed to be false and not true to myself. I began to read and sketch a couple of drawings, make a few t-shirts and was soon basking in “that feeling” you talk about! My heart feels like it has just started beating again and I feel so inspired at present, its amazing! I will NEVER dishonour my creativity again 🙂 JE SUIS UN ARTISTE!

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