TNNA Recap~!

Here we go! I just uploaded the pics from my camera last night.

Day 1

I left early on Friday. My flight was at 6:15 am from Orange County to Phoenix, and then from Phoenix to Columbus. All flights were ON TIME! yay! I was able to land in Columbus by 3:30pm. One thing that I really took an advantage of on this trip was online check-in for EVERYTHING. I checked into the hotel from my phone at Phoenix airport, so when I arrived, I went straight up to my room. There are kiosks now at the front desk that dispenses your room key, so without having to a single living soul, you can complete the entire trip.


What’s the first thing I did after taking a quick shower and unpacking a little bit? I walked to the convention center, which was conveniently connected to the hotel at the 2nd floor. YAY A/C! ย I got my badge in the mail but still wanted to know how to get to the exhibition hall and where everything else was. Checked in, got my directory, and off I went for some food.

I ate at this restaurant called Knead, which was recommended by few people. Supposedly offers GF options. Wrong. I went and got my dinner (partially my fault for not mentioning that I’m GF but I ordered a turkey sandwich with no bread). It was $12 of some shredded cabbage, bacon, turkey ham, and some sauce on the side. I had a HUGE reaction within 5 minutes of the first bite. ย I left, and was determined to look around more for better options. I did manage to walk around the Nationwide Arena area for a bit but honestly, after 10 minutes in the 90 deg weather, my upper body was soaking wet with sweat and hello, I just TOOK a shower. Nonetheless, I had to take a mini shower before bed.

Day 2


With my Designer badge!


Upon realization that I had to wear something I designed at TNNA, I cast this on 5 days before TNNA (the original sample is with Interweave). I bought the yarn for it during the Yarn Crawl LA, from Twist… Yarns of Intrigue in Manhattan Beach, CA. It’s their own line of yarn, handdyed in beautiful colorways. I don’t have the label with me right now but I’ll do a full posting soon. I asked them whether this particular colorway would be available next year, and they said that this is one of their staple colors.

Upon entering, I see beautiful “quick overview” of the exhibition in one area. Vendor information and their samples.


Anzula Yarns.


Then I went to see Anne, of Crafty Diversions. She just started her distribution business and sells Ysolda Teague and Miriam Felton’s patterns as well as her own. ย She revamped her website and logos, and I absolutely loved her booth. So dreamy! Like a California backyard dinner party!


And that tree! is actually a dead tree from her friend’s backyard. Awesome, isn’t it?



Yes, that’s me, playing around hehe.

I knew before I went to TNNA that a South Korean vendor will be there as well. The company’s name is Knitlove, but I wasn’t able to find them in the directory.

Turns out, they registered the name Hobby & Me. I recognized their booth from far away because of this hanbok (Korean traditional dress)



I am pretty active in Korean knitting community and they said they heard of me from the online community. ๐Ÿ™‚ We ended up having dinner together and walked around the city a bit. They’re hilarious and very serious business people. Their yarn, Vincent (3-ply fingering weight) and Vincent Rich (8-ply DK weight yarn) will be available in the US now through distributors. They’re working with AslanTrends yarn and plan to host Nicky Epstein in South Korea later this year!

Now onto the food.

I found this indoor farmer’s market totally randomly. As I said, I was walking around in the heat on Day 1, and walked past this place. But I just wanted to go back to the hotel by the time I was here so I didn’t go in. I did some research that night on my ipad and was determined to try this place again on Day 2.




I was NOT disappointed! I got some apples and Korean-style puffed corn from the Green Grocer (both were very very delicious!) and a small cup of Banana Honey ice cream from Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream, got lunch from Expressly cafe. They made a chicken salad sandwich on the gluten free bread. I also got a salt caramel brownie and a sugar cookie and they were both divine.

When I got out of the market with my sandwich and was ready to go back to the hotel for a nap, the Columbus Pride Week Parade was going on.



Day 3

Packing! Again!

This was a challenge. Ok, I always like to travel very very very lightly, with least amount of clothes and other necessities.

(shoes: walking shoes, ballet flats, and ballet slippers for inside–hotel floors are disgusting)image

(my bags: 1 briefcase for ipad and knitting stuff and 1 weekend bag for clothes, shoes. I didn’t even pack any makeup other than some eyeshadows)image

The problem was I was fortunate enough to score some yarn support and samples at the show. And some sample books. I couldn’t fit everything into the bag. The checkout time was at noon, and because I was supposed to meet with other people for designers’ meet up lunch, I started packing at 11:30. No chance. Even after I checked out (again, online), I was NOT ashamed to do the repacking in the lobby area of the convention center. I thought about UPS but UPS store was closed. Well, yes I was slightly embarrassed but packing yarns seemed more important.

It was 12:30 and I had missed my lunch with other designers, so as the last resort, I went back to Hyatt and asked the front desk whether they could ship something for me. YES THEY COULD! They found a box for me, I put my yarns and sample books in there, and FedEx’d it. YAY!

Sadly, it was time for me to leave for my flight. I called 2 shuttle companies and they did NOT have any shuttle available for me. I had to take the taxi.

My flight ended up being delayed for 45 minutes, not because the plane didn’t come but because Southwest crew didn’t show up! We all boarded the plane and literally just waited. Luckily, they had us take a different route so that we could still land in Phoenix on time.


I enjoyed a small (or TINY for $3.50) cup of Cartel Coffee Lab at the Phoenix airport, and then was able to come back to OC to see my hubby and doggies. ๐Ÿ™‚ ON TIME.

Few more instagram pics from the trip:


(John H. McConnell Memorial)


Finished it on Day 1 of the show, so that I could wear it on Day 2!

imageCurrent project on the needle: A project for Petite Purls Summer issue, with beautiful yarn from SweetGeorgia Yarns & HiyaHiya Interchangeable needle set (perfect for traveling). I can’t tell you what it is yet. ๐Ÿ™‚


2 thoughts on “TNNA Recap~!

    • thanks! I wish I took more pics. Did you get home safely? Quite a long drive, but at least you didn’t get stuck in the airport for hours… ๐Ÿ™‚

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