Do you really know your size?

This post is for y’all ladies.

Ladies, do you really know your bra sizes?

Undergarment is, in my opinion, the most important part of your wardrobe. Ladies who’ve been married, you know how important your undergarment was for your wedding dress? In fact, for most women, wedding dress/undergarment is the first time you realize just how important the undergarment really is.

Recently, I learned that most women wear wrong bra sizes. Well. Actually, I’ve heard that before. I just thought I wasn’t one of them. After all, I’m a knitter. I’ve measured myself enough times to know my bust circumference.

Then during my knitwear construction class, my professor pointed out how many women have no idea how bra sizes work. HUH? I thought you just measure around the biggest part of your bust.

Bra Fitting

Victoria’s Secret Guide to “How to Measure”

There are couple of different methods I found. I tried both and got similar results. I never thought that the “band size” would be different from the bust size we use to decide which size we would knit.


4 thoughts on “Do you really know your size?

  1. I had myself fitted at Macy’s and discovered I was wearing a very wrong sized bra. The correct sized ones were so comfortable – and my straps no longer fell over the top of my arms!

    • this is exactly what happened to me! I was wearing a really big bra for my size and my straps always fell off. I also love wearing strapless but always found myself adjusting. I don’t know why I didn’t get fitted sooner.

  2. I got fitted once and the lady told me I was a DD (clearly not true) and the cups were humongous… So I still have a distrust for people fitting me…

    • it’s true, even those “professionals” don’t know what they’re doing. Especially Victoria’s Secret fitters are NOT real professionals from what I’ve heard about them. Nordstrom does pretty good job, and I’ve heard good things about their fitters, and my professor also recommended them. Local/European boutiques should also do a pretty good job, especially the ones that have real variety of sizes i.e. 32DD, etc. Just try different places. Better than not knowing and being stuck with the wrong sizes

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