handknit pouf on Fab.com today

handknit pouf on Fab.com today

I wonder if these poufs get felted over time…..


2 thoughts on “handknit pouf on Fab.com today

  1. I saw this on my Fab feed as well. If I am not mistaken the materials were a cotton acrylic blend. So more than likely no, but they were also teenie tiny poufs for $68 (14 inches tall) , not the big squishy ones we have seen invade the web. Bah so could make one 🙂 On the other hand those birdie smoke detectors were aweeeessssomme!

    • that’s good to know~! at least they won’t turn into a big felted blah. I wouldn’t mind buying it cuz I think it’ll be very boring to knit not to mention pretty expensive 😉

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