Got featured on Ravelry Pattern Page~

On Ravelry’s Pattern Page!

A week ago, when I was still in Taiwan, I received an email from Mary-Heather of Ravelry… I opened it up thinking did I not pay an invoice or something? (I didn’t… the email DID remind me to pay! haha)

Mary-Heather informed me that Ravelry would like to feature my design “Tropical” on their Pattern Page, under “Jess and MH’s Selection”


Honestly, I never thought Tropical would receive this much attention. So far, this design has been the most profitable design of mine. That is just the thing. You just never know how well your designs will do until you release them.

I am so proud and very excited whenever I see my face on Ravelry page now. Back in 2007 when I first joined Ravelry (back when it was invitation-only beta site), I never could’ve imagined this day would come.

Thank you all!


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