Pattern Preview: Lady Sybil Socks

Again, a new pattern release is a couple of days away, so I decided to do a sneak preview. Again, the project is influenced by Downton Abbey’s character, Lady Sybil. Obviously, the character doesn’t wear (or I don’t know if she does) socks like these but I thought that if Lady Sybil came to me as a client wanting a pair of knitted socks, I would give her these. I hereby present Lady Sybil socks.

It’s literally a sneak peak into the sock. This shot was actually few months old when I first knitted a sample. I didn’t like the yarn for this project, so I re-knitted another sample. 🙂


One thought on “Pattern Preview: Lady Sybil Socks

  1. You have to know that Lady Sybil is my favorite Downton Abbey character and I think your Lady Sybil socks are most fitting!

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