Custom Knits 2 KAL

Those of you who are following Wendy Bernard a.k.a. Knit and Tonic, the author of Custom Knits and Custom Knits 2, her Ravelry group is doing a KAL.

I own signed copies of both Custom Knits and Custom Knits 2. Because Custom Knits was the very first knitting book I have ever purchased in my life, somehow it makes both the book and the author very special in my life.

Anyways, I don’t normally do KALs (it’s too much commitment for me) but all I’m doing now is knitting for my designs, I need something more fun to do. Like top-down sweaters and such. So why not?

I haven’t decided which one to cast on but narrowed down to: Zigzag Pullover or Eyelet Cardigan.

I feel like I’ll have more use for Eyelet Cardigan this summer, but I just love knitting in the round and endless Stockinette stitch.

I’ll have to go see what kind of yarn I have in my stash and which project would better for the yarn.

Anyone joining us??


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