Updated old pattern: Napoleon Popsicle Cap

I finally updated my old patterns! This one is my very first one, Napoleon Popsicle Cap. I noticed some stitch count errors so I’ve been meaning to fix them. And the photos of the first pattern was so horrible (taken by my Blackberry) and I always regretted not taking any better photos before donating the caps to Stitches from the Heart.

So here you go, updated premie hat pattern! You obviously don’t have to donate them to Stitches from the Heart specifically, but consider donating these to any charity. Stitches from the Heart just happens to be one of the biggest knitting/crochet charity organization. But I know there are many, even at local levels.

Click here to download: NapoleonPopsicleCap


3 thoughts on “Updated old pattern: Napoleon Popsicle Cap

  1. I made your first pattern, & have started his one. But I’m confused: why are there 2 ‘knit 1 in back’ stitches when it switches to stockinette?

    • Hi Laurinda,

      That was an error; those additions shouldn’t have been there in the final version. I was trying to play with some stitch counts and modify the pattern/design, but you are right, those k1b shouldn’t have been there.

  2. Thank you! Okay, I can get back to your super-cute hat! My first was the white with orange stripes on the project page :-))

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