Designing (almost) full time

Today (Sept 1) marks the first day of Jean Chung Designs.

I finally applied for a business license today with the Irvine city. Kind of feels like a major event. Haha.

I have published 3 amateur patterns (offered for free) in the past, but I decided to really push my limits. Yes, I have a full-time job, and it’s very demanding, but what truly makes me happy is when I come home, sit down with my yarns and needle and think about what beautiful things I can make with those.

So I send some pattern proposals to different knitting magazines and one got accepted, others pending. I’ve been working really hard to make my first pattern in a magazine well rounded: good photos, good schematics, good instructions. Of course there is the tech editor that makes it all possible.

So hopefully, there’s many more to come. And although this means that I have even less free time to hang out with my husband and my baby Bagel, even my sister who lives miles away, my family is so so so supportive. I love all of them with all my heart and soul.


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