cheating on knitting

I’ve been kind of cheating on you, dear knitting.

I’m designing so technically, I’m thinking more about knitting than before, but I’ve been experimenting with sewing and repainting furniture. 

The newest addition to my home is these stools:



I used Zinsser Bulls Eye primer for this, and used Restoration Hardware Interior Latex Paint in Eucalyptus, using a wooster paint brush. I didn’t even sand that much before I started painting.

Here’s a before picture:


Even  if you take the crazy yarn stash and sewing pedal in the background into consideration, this wooden stool looks pretty dull in my almost all-white home. I’m a big fan of off-white furniture. Even my leather couch is white, despite people warning me that it’ll get dirty. Well all furniture get dirty, so I’d rather be stuck with a color I love.

I grew up in an all-white home too, but my mom always preferred TRUE white, with bluish tint. I like whites with yellow or pink undertone, I think they make the room look a bit cozier and warmer. When I go to Lowes, I always hang around the paint color chips, looking at all sorts of different whites and pale colors, and collect each one of them. I feel really silly sometimes, grabbing all these white colors. 

I’m really happy with my stools now. They were stools from mother in law’s home, and when she moved back to Taiwan, she left some furniture behind. We adopted these stools with other wooden furniture, but they’re all the same: birch-colored and lacquered. If I buy any wooden colored furniture, I’d prefer much natural wooden furniture, like unpainted tables, or ones with really rich color. And definitely not lacquered or glossy.

I’m thinking about painting the table and other chairs as well, some in the same shade of white, some in deep navy color, or even using scrap wall paper.

We’ll see!


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