Mind’s Eye Yarns, Harvard, and Banquet

Yoohoo~ Good morning, again. I’m getting ready for another day of excitement. Oh, Marty and I noticed how tanned we look in Boston. =)




First I took him to Boston Public Library, really to use the bathroom actually, but he was still pretty impressed. I just love this place so much. LOVE LOVE LOVE.


Then we hopped on T, headed towards Porter Square. Because the first thing I wanna do is drop by another yarn shop in Porter Square. Breakfast at Dunkin again of course (in Porter Square shopping place), and walking out, I spotted this cute pink house!




Again, I saw so many things I would’ve loved to buy (Malabrigo, Cascade, sock yarns) but I really wanted to get something that I’ve never seen before. So I settled on this!


100% merino wool, Jojoland’s Harmony. I’ve never seen this anywhere in So Cal. And this whole 880 yds of laceweight yarn was only $9.50 (no sales tax). How lovely! Satisfied, I left the yarn shop and we walked through some nice residential area in Somerville, then back on Massachusetts Ave toward Cambridge. Such a nice neighborhood! Then TA-DA!



Harvard Law School! We sort of stumbled upon this place. We were walking and walking, I said, “Harvard should be soon….” And looked to the left, and Marty said, “um, this says Harvard Law School…” Seriously, these people really don’t like to make a big fuss about stuff, huh. I expected more “BAM! Here’s Harvard!” type of entrance. But it was like, off the street, parking is over there, oh yah, and there’s the law school.. Nothing biggie, just Harvard Law School, that’s all.

And it was so quiet.

The best place on campus is this place of course!




If this were my library, I WOULD want to study here all day long. Who wouldn’t? Even with all these tourists, the library is so well guarded and non-Harvard students cannot get in. So unlike Whittier Law Library where even homeless person can get in (later kicked out, of course, but still, we’re open to the public…)



We walked out of the campus and went to buy some souvenirs—a T-shirt for my sister, and a monkey wearing Harvard tee for Marty’s mom. We arrived at Harvard Square.

And totally stumbled upon Curious George store! Marty’s mom is the biggest fan of Curious George so we went in!

So many street artists! I love it. We saw painters, people who were painting on the sidewalk, musicians… I still don’t know what that instrument is but it looked and sounded so cool. I’m so glad I had this camera with me since I was pretty far away from the musician. Love the zoom focus feature.

This was my Must-Stop place. Harvard Book Store is one of the oldest independent book stores in the area, while many others struggled to survive. In So Cal, we don’t see many independent book stores; in the area of OC I live in, I know of NONE. I like independent book stores for their selections of books. Definitely more variety. And this book store has tons of used books (main floor AND downstairs), it’s worth it to visit just to pick up a book or two on the trip.


Then we’re off to see Harry Potter Exhibition, something we’ve been looking forward to since we planned this trip!

The exhibition is in Science Museum, which means the admission is very pricey. This one was $26 per person. But then, we’re on a trip, and that’s what you do when you travel right? Pay for overrated things and enjoy it… =D Besides, we love HP, so what is there to complain?


The cafeteria wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be, considering it’s a popular tourist spot.

One of the things you hear about a lot in Boston is the Duck Tour. Basically, they look like this one, half-car half-boat vehicle. It takes you around the city, and even goes into the water too. See this one in action.



It was developed in the military, so they had the real version on display. The ones on the tour are cuter and more cheery!


So HP Expo here we go. Oh, and we weren’t allowed to take pictures inside. If you’re going to do a audio tour, bring earphones. We were in the line when some dude came out of the expo, complained very loudly to one of the employees how he couldn’t hear a thing because things were loud in there. I had earphones in my purse, so I gave them to Marty. This let us kind of share the audiotape sometimes. Pretty cool stuff, if you like HP movies. And of course I loved looking at all the knitted garments and blankets, and learning how they were made for the set!



I could take a picture of this one because it was displayed outside the expo. It’s a chess piece used in the second HP movie! Totally cool. Yes, I’m such a geek but so what! I love HP!


After the exhibition, we hurried back to the hotel, got dressed up for the banquet. I took a shot of our hotel (Copley Square Hotel) from the 24th floor across the street. And this is why I loved the hotel we stayed at. The room comes with iHome. And complementary wine hours, mp3 players, yoga practice set. You could ask for personal trainer at the gym for a fee. They give you a newsletter every night, letting you know what’s happening around the city the next day so you can plan better. Complementary bottled water too.


Oh, and Marty got the Regional Director position! Here he is, getting sworn in!

That person with newspaper was so annoying! It’s rude to read a newspaper like that when people are getting sworn in on the stage, OK?


We stayed until as late as we could, meeting people.. Then Marty took me back to the hotel so that I could sleep early. I plan on attending the 8 oclock mass tomorrow at St. Cecilia Parish. Then check the bar result right after. The results have been out since last night in PST. I haven’t checked Facebook or Twitter because I knew people would post their results on their status. I’m going to stick to my plan and not check until tomorrow.


Ah, just one more day then our vacation ends.


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