25th Birthday

Here it is, finally.

My Quarter-of-a-century Day.

I can’t believe I’m 25. Not because 25 is such a big number, no. I’ll wait until I’m in my “late 20s” to freak out about age. And my birthday felt just like any other day, plus a LOT of cake. =D

It’s just that, when I was still a kid, I looked at my cousins who were 25, 26, and felt like they were grown ups. I’m here now, at 25, but I still don’t feel like a grown-up. Only time I feel comfortable saying that I’m an adult is when I go shopping and look for “adult size.”

This time, my birthday was very quiet, but so fortunately I was surrounded by people I love, and people who love me. My sister came up from San Diego, Karen came down from Burbank with her awesome surprise party idea. Hana bought me dinner on Friday, and of course, Marty did so much for me the whole weekend.

I love what Marty got me! Look!


I love my baby. Oh and Marty too. LOL

I’ve been complaining that my current Canon Powershot SD550 doesn’t do good enough job for my blog. I’ve been looking at Artful Blogging magazine and it inspired me so much but I didn’t have the right equipment to make my blog “artful” hehe.

He surprised me with this gift on Thursday and I couldn’t wait till it’s Friday so we could go pick it up from Best Buy. Wheeeee!


Turning 25 felt definitely normal… But I had awesome cakes and food!


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