What am I?

It just occurred to me that I should change the blog description. I’m no longer vegan.

Mind you, I still don’t eat meat. But it’s really hard to be a complete vegan as a Korean person who grew up on Korean food. All Korean soups use fish broth (anchovy). I do request meat-free dish when I order, but the soup broth can’t be changed you know? Plus, buying vegan substitute cookies or ingredients were really affecting my bank account. It’s so sad but I have to survive on $1,000/month budget.. and that includes my $617/mo rent.

So for now, I’m vegetarian. Just so that I don’t get another seizure due to low blood sugar, which happens a lot with me when I skip meals. As vegan, I often skipped meals when I was at an event and there was no other option. Now, I just get vegetarian and eat that instead. Eggs give me enough calories and nutrition and doesn’t cost a lot.

I really felt bad for a while because I wasn’t vegan anymore; I felt like I betrayed my animal friends.. But I guess I have more chance of helping animals if I stayed alive! And I’m still vegetarian.


2 thoughts on “What am I?

  1. Aww, I’m sorry to hear that you’re no longer vegan. Taking your health issues into account, maybe you could be vegan at home when you can control the food and vegetarian when you are out so that you don’t have to skip meals? Just a suggestion, though I don’t mean to intrude.

    • =) Thanks. I do try to be vegan as much as possible. At home, of course, but buy vegan options when available and at reasonable price. It baffles me how more expensive it is to make a product out of plants than to kill animals for their meat.

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