My Buttony Jacket is done!! Took me 10 days and +1 day, shopping for buttons.

I was afraid the chunky yarn would make it look frumpy but it turned out ok. I “killed” the acrylic during blocking so I got it nice and thin.. Very soft. I used extra softener by actually spraying it over the garment. Oh~ the things I learn about knitting and being vegan.

While looking for some quick knit to work on until Aug 5, the start date of Ravelympics 2005… I found Wenlan Chia’s Twinkle Big City Knits. In it, I found a really nice hat for winter, and seemed like a quick knit. It was. Only took about 3 hours (I had to frog it one time and start over… and I took breaks) and cable looks awesome. The pattern wants you to use Sz 19 but I used 17. Still too big i think. If I make this again next time, I’d use Sz 15.


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