[FOs] Bad Jean: been lazy

I’ve been lazy about updating my blog. Please forgive me. =P

Some FOs.. I finished a travel pillow and then a basket that i was trying to make since like 2 months ago. I’m very pleased with that result. I mixed some water with the stiffener.

Then I made some circulars. So far, I only made a couple: #17 (24″) and #9 (50″) one. I’m happy with this too. I did spend about $20 for the tools and such but now that I have all the right materials, all I have to do is keep making them. I made #17 one for the Big City Knits (Chia) patterns–evening shell. I’ve been trying to make the pattern into flat pattern but I dont like it. I bought new yarns and made this circulars so I’ll get started on that soon.

I made the #9 one with shorter needles and longer cable. I love it. I have small hands so it’s perfect to have shorter needles. The sand papers and wax paper did the trick! Super smooth finish.


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