I have to plan this. haha.

I’m gonna be in Cupertino, Friday morning around 10~11 AM. I’m leaving for the OC Saturday @ 2 PM. Alan suggested drinking. We could do any of the following, in combination (GOD I SOUND LIKE A DORKO):

-Dinner (Anywhere specific? Santana Row, etc, I dont know what’s good in Cupertino anymore)




-Cupertino Village?


Alrite, I guess we’ll plan something more specific by next weekend

6 thoughts on “thanksgiving.

  1. korean bars on el camino if pplz poor
    frisco or san jo clubz if pplz feelin rich
    iono whose numberz i got anymore and whut not and i dun wanna leave it in drop me an IM or sumthin

  2. hey jean! pyo’s having a holiday concert (w/ alumni!) on december 16, i think (a saturday). it’s rehearsal from 1:30-5pm, dinner/hang-out time, and concert fomr 7:30pm. ahh…nostalgia for the old days! there’s a place on the bottom to sign up for the mailing list (also for alumni). it’s been a long time huh! šŸ™‚ i’m not sure if i’m going to make it to the concert because i have finals up to the day before and i might be too pooped! but hope you might be able to make it. it’d be great to see mitch, sara, ron, and other pyo folks again! hope you’re doing well!

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