3:33 AM

No I did not stay up, I just woke up. HAHA.

I’m gonna be so dead tired for the next few weeks. And I’ll be so addicted to xanga and facebook because it’s close to finals. See? I’m updating at 3:33 in the morning. hehe.

Can’t wait to see my old friends from MV during thanksgiving. But I’ll have to be back in OC as early as possible so I can still study for the finals. Hopefully I’ll be able to have thanksgiving dinner with karen and oojoo on thursday, leave for SJ the following morning, and see people on Friday. I can then drive down on Saturday, and get some rest. Study on Sunday. I should be able to get some studying done while I’m in SJ too.

I need to start calling people in Cupertino for the get-together thing.

For those who are reading my xanga right now, and you’re in Cupertino during thanksgiving, let me know!

Alright, back to Contracts.


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