Questions – Yeees I’m Bored…


10 facts, stolen from Tina. =)

10 facts

01. Televison Show: Grey’s Anatomy
02. Flower: Roses (Red)
03. Color: Purple
04. Sport: Yoga, Running, Swimming
05. Mall:  Stanford Shopping, State Street, and MainPlace @ Santa Ana.
06. Music: Medium-tempo songs with hiphop or R&B influence.
07. Food: Pasta, Thai, Any type of noodle.
08. Season: Summer. Period.
09. Animal: Cats
10. City: Paris

01. Hometown: Born in Seoul, S.Korea. Raised in Cupertino, CA. Right now my “home” where my family lives is Atlanta, GA. But I consider Cupertino my hometown.
02. Hair Colour: dark brown, dyed light brown.
03. Hair Length: changing all the time.
04. Hair Style: right now it’s punk rock star haircut. =P
05. Eye Colour: brown
06. Shoe Size: 7.5 for sandals, 8 otherwise. I have thin feet.
07. Mood: Usually very happy and bubbly. Even when i look serious. =P
08. Orientation: Straight, so far.
09. Available: Attached, if I’m straight.
10. Lefty/Righty: Righty

01. Have You Ever Been In Love: Yes
02. Do You Believe In Love: YEs
03. Why Did Your Last Relationship Fail: Long distance. ‘Nuff said.
04. Have You Ever Been Heartbroken: No
05. Have You Ever Broken Someone’s Heart: Yes
06. Have You Ever Fallen For Your Best Friend: Yes
07. Have You Ever Loved Someone But Never Told them: No. I can’t fall in love with someone I never had relationship with.
08. Are You Afraid Of Commitment: … C… WHat? =P To tell the truth, it takes me a long time to be committed, but once I’m there, I’m comfortable.  
09.Ever had A Secret Admirer: I think so. It’s supposed to be a secret. =)
10. Do You Believe In Love At First Sight: Lust at first sight maybe. Instant Chemistry, most likely. But not love. Love is something based on a meaningful relationship, not a simple feeling.

01. Love Or Money: Love
02. Hard Liquor Or Beer: Hard liquor
03. One Night Stands Or Relationships: Neither..? They’re both scary and full of drama.
04. Televison Or Internet: Internet, I can download TV shows. =P
05. Pepsi Or Coke: Neither.
06. Wild Night Out Or Romantic Night In: Depends on the situation, but usually I like romantic night OUT. =P
07. Coloured Or Black And White Pictures: Black and White pictures are so much better.
08. Phone Or In Person: In person.
09. Aim Or Myspace: MSN.
10. Country Or Jazz: Jazz. Definitely jazz

01. Have You Ever Been Caught Sneaking Out: No
02. Have You Ever Skinny Dipped: Yes
03. Have You Ever Done Something You Regret: Not really… I dont remember stuff I should regret =)
04. Have You Ever Bungee Jumped: No
05. Have You Ever Been On A House Boat: Yes
06. Have You Ever Finished An Entire Jaw Breaker: Yes
07. Have You Ever Wanted Someone So Badly It Hurt: Many times
08. Have You Ever Wanted To Kill Someone? Yes
09. Have You Ever Ridden In A Police Car: No
10. Have You Ever Needed Someone So Bad You Can’t Sleep At Night? This is like lyrics from the song Have You Ever. haha. And yes.

01. Are You Missing Someone Right Now: Yes.
02. Are You Happy: Yes
03. Are You Talking To Anyone Right Now: No
04. Are You Bored: Hello~ Why else doing this?
05. Are You German? No
06. Are You Irish: No
07. Are You French: Nope
08. Are You Italian: Nope
09. Are Your Parents Still Married: Yes, I sometimes wonder how people do that. Get married and never date anyone else for few decades.
10. R u ready to smoke? No, I hate smokers.


One thought on “Questions – Yeees I’m Bored…

  1. 09. Are Your Parents Still Married: Yes, I sometimes wonder how people do that. Get married and never date anyone else for few decades.Should you wonder how people can, or how you cannot? ;P

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