Well, although my birthday isn’t until Tuesday…

Thanks Karen and Oojoo for coming out… Oojoo, I know you work everyday now and I know how precious Friday evenings are, so thank you for coming out to meet my other friends.. Karen, thanks for driving all the way from Santa Barbara for my birthday..

George, thanks NOT for ditching me like other people. Haha. Thanks Greg for planning everything out, it was really fun and special.

Am I supposed to feel special about turning 22? I definitely feel like I’m growing. Physically as well as emotionally. I feel like I’m so detached from the real world sometimes, dealing with people in law school thesedays. Things that mattered to me before, don’t seem very meaningful anymore. I used to talk about really useless stuff, caring about people who don’t deserve to be cared about. I used to care more about my image, how I appear to other people… Not in a shallow, vapid way, but I wanted to appear to be confident and smart. But.. Really since I graduated college, and more so since law school started, perhaps I am so busy that I stopped caring about less significant things. It’s difficult enough to make time for what’s important. I don’t have time to waste on useless things.

So I am very thankful for everything today. Thankful for all the great people in my little world, thankful for the perfect evening, thankful for the nice weather, and thankful for feeling thankful.


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