Welcome to Hogwarts…

Law school is like Hogwarts School from Harry Potter.

1. You see the same people –
When you’re 1L, you don’t really get to choose your classes, so you’re pretty much stuck with the same people everyday. It gets even better. The seat you grab on the first day of school is going to be your assigned seating, because the professor needs to call on you and stuff. So if you sat in the front row like me on the first day of school, you’re stuck with the same people EVERY SINGLE DAY.

2. You only get to eat at the cafeteria –
You don’t have time for lunch. You have time for a BLT Wrap and a coffee.

3. Thick books –
The most resemblance I find is the books. These books are freaking humongous.

4. There is a Snape, and a Malfoy –
There is a professor who wants to turn you into a frog, a complete idiot, then chew off your head then throw it into the garbage. If he wants to, he can take it back out then put it back on for you too. It’s MAGIC.

There’s a Malfoy who thinks that most people are his competitor, and the rest of the people are inferiors. Basically a bitch.

5. But then there’s a Ron and a Hermoine, too –
The smaller the school is, the better chance of finding these rare species. Generally nice people, a little weird and quirky but you can put up with them. They share your experience as you go through school, which no one else outside the school would ever understand. You make inside jokes about stuff you read in class, they’d understand.

6. You have to take the Honor Code seriously –
Yeah, high school, college.. they all talked about the Honor Code in the Student Handbooks, but c’mon.. With like 2000 people, how are they gonna know what you put on your resume? But in here, they know everything. Don’t mess with them.

7. It’s not a scholarly school, it’s training school –
In college, I loved reading Clausewitz and Kenneth Waltz and write 20-page essay about their schools of thoughts. In here, it’s practice. It’s real life. You go beyond the application of theories. Yeah, some schools offer legal writing class. These writing classes don’t make you write essays though. You write office memos, case briefs, etc. Basically the crap you need to know before summer, so when you get a summer internship, you don’t embarrass the school.


I’m sure I thought of more, I just can’t remember right now. =P To be Continued…


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