The theory of…

I am back in the library. If this were a club, I would be a VIP member. I leave when it closes, and come back here when it opens. =D There are always the regular VIP people in here. I see Eddie here all the time. I see Irena, too. Haha. We should have either The First Row Club or the Library VIP Membership..

For some reason, I had the most fun yesterday. I met this girl, I don’t even know her name and started talking to her. She was like the most hilarious girl I’ve ever met in my entire life. She is simply so smart and so funny! Haha. My friends and I couldn’t stop laughing.

Then after school, we had an extended class so we got out around 5:30.. Some of the first row people got together and decided to go eat something together. We went to South Coast and man, I laughed like crazy. You know me when I start laughing. Yup. Turning pink and hyperventilating. =)

I hope today will be just as good as yesterday. =)


3 thoughts on “The theory of…

  1. What’s up? I saw that you go to Whittier…isn’t that the campus close to the Art Institute?If you go to the library so much, you should carve your name out somewhere. =)Replying to your previous post, yes, we could do away with some of our older relationships, but each one, good or bad, does help us to grow…and we’re that much wiser. I think with my heart too…too much, but after a certain point, it’s just not worth it.You should check out this book I’m reading, Heartbrokers. Click on the link on my xanga. It’s a pretty good book and it lends a lot of insight on the whole…”romantic love” aspects of a relationship.

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