life is so UNFAIR…

so the funniest thing happened last night… haha.

2 nights ago, I was studying.. around 9 oclock, i heard my neighbor.. or someone below us, I couldn’t tell, having sex. REALLY loud. At first, I thought it was someone watching porn. It was THAT good. The girl moaned and screamed real good. But I was studying, and it was distracting, so I went to the library..

Last night, I woke up around 4 AM, because they were having sex AGAIN. I don’t understand. Why would she want to have really loud sex with the windows open? I mean, these apartments are really close to each other. And what the hell? 4 AM! It’s such a random hour. Okay 7 on Saturday morning? maybe. 2 AM? okay maybe the guy got home late. But 4??? Even I’m pretty tired by that time.

So I was kinda annoyed, trying to go back to sleep, and I hear the other neighbor.. “BE QUIET!!!!”


I guess I wasn’t the only one listening. But the girl kept moaning and screaming.. She probably couldn’t hear him over her own moans. But then there was another neighbor, I guess. She says, “you need to close the window!” ahahahaha

I was laughing inside, then I got to think..

Life is soooooo unfair..


Life is unfair because SHE gets to have loud rampant sex and I.. I have to read.. then sleep early, ALONE, because I have to be up by 5 in the morning. HAHA


3 thoughts on “life is so UNFAIR…

  1. HAHA…the SAME thing happened to ME during undergrad, I banged on the ceiling until they stopped.  I even snitched to the security who was a little embarassed to go up there to tell them to be quiet.  I guess this kinda stuff happens a lot…hahaGood luck at law school fellow future jurist!

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