New class.. just 7 more classes..

Then I’ll be done with my master’s degree.. =) Back to california soon.

I almost had a heart attack this morning. As usual, around 9;30 I backed out of the garage to get to work. Then, a DEER jumps out of nowhere.. well actually it came from the left corner of my eyes to my right. literally one or two meters away from my car. It came from my neighbor’s backyard to mine. Our subdivision houses are connected by the backyards and there’s no fence. The houses are built around Berkeley Lake, which is a separated city from Duluth.. Anyway, I guess it got lost somehow and was wondering around. I bet it was scared.. Because it kept on jumping around my backyard.. I was hiding behind the slide and the swings.

What scared ME was how freakishly big it was and how none of my neighbor’s dogs was barking. I mean, they literally bark 24/7. It was completely silent for that 5 seconds while I was going through my quasi-heart attack.

First it was a snake, then a woodpecker, then lizards.. now a DEER.. I’m telling you, my backyard is a ZOO.


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