Finally! The highest today was around low 80s, upper 70s.. Man.. all week, it’s been around 90. Finally it rained today and took care of the heat.. hehe.

Just about 2 months till I move back to California. Wow. It’s really happening. =) So does anyone know good place to rent a room in the Orange County? Around Harbor and sunflower…. I’m not gonna have my car the first semester so the commute has to be really short.. I don’t wanna waste too much time for buses..

Anyways.. Econ midterm tomorrow, so gotta get back to studying~




4 thoughts on “**Rain**

  1. Haha!! *points at above comments* xD Hey, i went to UCSB too, and i live in Orange County, as well! What school are you going to..? I’m not familiar with Sunflower but Harbor isn’t all that nice everywhere and might be able to recommend somewhere. Is that in the Santa Ana area?Field

  2. What the heck are you doing in Georgia after SB!?!? =P Thats a pretty amazing transition! Anywho, yeah, its strange that Whittier College isn’t actually in Whittier, but i guess both are named after a family. The area is definately Fountain Valley/Santa Ana. And from what i know both cities aren’t that pretty. BUUUT, Santa Ana has more variety, i think. If you live close to the “South Coast Plaza” (its on your schools directions map) you will be close to a fairly wealthy hang out spot and shopping. Buut, if you live more towards Fountain Valley, you will be VERY close to Huntington Beach, which is a good thing, as that is one of the artsier areas and a nice very fun beach. It looks like the best place, though, might be directly south of your school around Harbor and Baker, right in between there, because Orange County is -NOT- set up like Santa Barbara, at all, and yet that spot there (Harbor and Baker) will be between two colleges, thus ensuring a younger crowd of people. Since Orange County is big business, you otherwise tend only to find kids or old people. Since i’m assuming you dont have a support network, it would likely behoove you to live where you can meet many people your age, who you then might be able to go to the beach with, go to the plaza with, not to mention bum a ride for your car-less butt. (And since a Country Club and Golf Course are right next door, i’m going to assume its not the worst neighborhood right there either =). I actually used to work right on that very street in the same area, slightly north of the 405 and Harbor. I actually would pass your school EVERY day (also a Hooters, haha, but that’s beside the point)! It wasn’t bad, but based on the map and local hotspots, my advice is to be right South of the 405 and your school. Don’t go North, theres nothing there for ya. Go South, young woman! Go south! (About a block).Take care,Field

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