It’s so sad that when you’re down and so pressured, you can only think about your life at that moment and lament over how pathetic your life is, instead of just seeing how pathetic that SITUATION is.

I don’t really know how I should say this.. I was driving to work, listening to the Japanese language tapes as usual.. The tape ended before I got to work so I started playing music on my mp3.. A Korean song came on, by Yun, Jong Shin.. He’s around 40 right now and used to be an idol star in his 20s.. The song was called “My 20s.” I usually skip through the slow songs.. just not my taste I guess. But each word in the lyrics.. wow.. Call me emotional but I was in tears by the time I got to work.

I keep forgetting, for some reason, that I’m still 21. My 20’s has barely started and I have 9 years to really make mistakes and solve problems. I just keep forgetting that.

I already feel alot better. =)


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