What happened to spring??

It was freezing cold until 2 days ago.
Yesterday was pretty warm.

It was pretty foggy this morning, and now it feels like 85 degrees outside.

My Spring Break doesn’t start until next week, so what happened to Spring?!?!


Oh well~ I’m sure it’ll go back to “normal”.. whatever that means in Georgia. haha.

I cleaned the desk in my office for the first time this week. It looks so clean! Haha. It’s wonderful to know that small things like this still makes me happy.

I have a presentation for my business plan then I’ll be done with all the important stuff.

Don’t click on that link cuz the company is imaginary. ahahhahaha




Oh and before I go, I’d like to end with a hilarious picture my friend Arian sent me yesterday.


I miss California.


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