Nice Day.

Okay, it’s such a beaaaaautiful day today and what do I get to do?

Sit in my office updating xanga and writing scripts for tomorrow’s show.

Ah~ depressing is what being single (¼Ö·Î) is synonymous with.

I still dont have any appetite and I’m rapidly losing weight..

And somehow, that’s not a good thing anymore.



2 thoughts on “Nice Day.

  1. ooOh i like your layout!!! very pink i love it!!! but yes i know…some people these seems like they dont care to even think you know??? i hate that~!!!!! but dood good job!!! people who do that deserves to get fired!!!! all respect to you !!!! but hrmm i wish i would lose my appetite a lil…i swear..i’m just constantly eating  ahhhhhhh

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