Christians who ruin my Sundays

I really hate going to HMart on Sundays. (It’s a Korean grocery market)

Because people from this church start singing and force people to take their flyers. I hate it so much that they disgusts me.

“Do you believe in Jesus?”

Yes, I do. But hello, I also believe in the Freedom of Choice, and Freedom of Religion. I think you are very rude and arrogant to ask me that question. I’ve never seen you and I certainly do not have any reason to share my personal, religious life with you. Quite frankly, if you really really want to share your beliefs and guide others to your church, I recommend you to go back to your church. Go out on the street in downtown, there are homeless people sick and starved. Go visit state prisons, there are people who really need your help.

What, are you afraid of going to such places because they’re dangerous? Are you trying to bug people at the KOREAN Market because more than half of Korean people in Atlanta is not already Christians?

You asked me that question, “do you believe in Jesus?”

Again, yes I do, but I probably do not agree with you on HOW I believe in him. There are different sectors of Christinity and I do not agree with your way. I do not mean say that yours is wrong but that my way suits me better. People choose different churches because one church serves them better than the others. I chose my church and my belief for the same reason. Don’t invite me to your church, it’s not fun. Don’t ask me these ridiculous questions and expect me to answer them. Don’t start singing in front of korean markets because you’re being rude and you’re breaking the noise ordinance. People have freedom to rally and assemble but I believe in freedom of religion before I believe in Jesus. I value my freedom more than anything in this world. You don’t have to agree with me, but don’t take me less seriously because I have a different belief.

 I already developed  a firm belief in my religion and my spiritual life throughout 21 years of my life and you do not need to try to change me. That’s extremely rude and inconsiderate. Thank you very much.


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