A date with myself.

Sometimes it’s just cool to hang out by yourself.

Today at work, I was just sitting by in my office and working on the business plan for one of our clients. When you’re alone in such a big office, you tend to daydream and procrastinate, right?

Well, so after the lunch, I was killing time by reading newspapers.. I came across this article about why the writer hates February. Especially February 14.

As I read along, I agreed with most of what she was writing about. Being left out, not being able to start dating someone before Valentine’s cuz it means committment, blah blah blah.

When I was dating, I wondered what it would be like to be single again. Single, and single. Not single, and seeing somebody. Well, now I am single and single, and I dont like it a bit.

So after work, I needed to do something. If I were in California, I would’ve gone out to eat with Woojoo and Karen or something. But under the circumstance, I didn’t have anyone here to just hang out.

I went to Jason’s Deli, this really popular deli place in southern states. Their sandwiches are amazing (I especially enjoy their Garden Po’boy with fresh fruits) and they have a really great salad bar. The highlight is this: a complimentary frozen yogurt – self-service. Now you see why everyone likes it?

Anyways, I don’t mind eating by myself. It was so relaxing eating and watching other people. People other than the co-workers, for a change.

Afterwards I walked around the shopping center, again by myself. I love this shopping center. They play jazz music all the time. Unlike the normal shopping mall where they play loud music that results in vibrating brain, this place only plays really soft music. Even at Express, they play their usual dance music at the minimum. It’s so relaxing… Small children go to Swoozie, Pier 1 Kids, or Pottery Barn Kids… and older people go to Barnes and Nobles or drink coffee at Caribean Cafe.


That’s B & N.. There’s a water fountain, but it got cut off. It looks more like a part than a shopping center.

anyways, I’m all good now. Just have to get back to the business plan. =)


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