Reading: “The Good Girl’s Guide to Negotiating”

I bought this book from B&N few months ago because it was on clearance.. I got it for 6 bucks. Maybe I just had a premonition that I’d need this book in the near future.

My professors are not just professors. They’re CEO of this company,
or the Director of that organization. It’s hard to persuade them to do anything
for me.

I’m trying to graduate early and finish my MBA before going to law school.
The MBA program ends in September, and law schools start in August.
I spoke with the dean yesterday.. Gosh.. these businessmen are really inflexible.
He just wouldn’t hear me out at all.

This book looks so tacky, with its pink cover and everything.
I don’t know it’s that helpful.. But I’m gonna read it anyway.
Who knows, it might at least encourage me to show more of my
Mean Jean side instead of the Good Fob side..

I don’t know if it’s just me..
but do you ever find yourself more confident with
people in your age group than the old people?
Like, for my first MBA class, there was this woman
probably around my age… She was supposed to be
in my group for the project, which she never showed up for..
I totally attacked her verbally and mentally the day after
our project was due.
Like, my school is in Atlanta, GA, and it’s primarily African-American.
And I’m ususally quiet in class except for the times when I have to
talk in order to get grades…

People were stunned to see me fired up like that
and they’re still talking about it now.
What happened to that girl?
She cried.
Then she dropped out of the program and didn’t return for the second term.
I’m baaaad.

But with older people,
I find myself trying to make myself sound nice and understanding.
I sometimes can’t even get my messages across..

Well, other than that. I’m doing great.

I might visit California sometime in April, May.


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