It’s Friday already~ hehehehe it’s been an interesting week. I had to go to work in downtown everyday this week so the i had to endure 1-hour commute every morning and after work. Writing business plan for my class is really interesting cuz our group has the business guru, the spokesperson, the writer, the idea man.. Each group member has such a distinguished personality that when we get together to work on the plan, it’s a huge party.. until the guru gets frustrated and tells us to stop! =D

But yeah it’s cool. This week’s been a blast. I can’t wait to start on the new Harry Potter book. I’ve been waiting to read it since it came out but I was studying for the LSAT so just got it last weekend, right after the exam.

But until tonight, I’ll be busy editing the entire business plan. Cuz i’m in charge of putting it all together… Then once I upload the paper, Dee and Kissongo are gonna work on the powerpoint presentation.. Wow.. and I have a case study due on Monday. Haven’t started. Crap.


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