Winter’s here! Man, yesterday morning was great. A bit breezy, nice, and cool. But when I left work to go to school around 4… It was so cold! I can’t believe California people get to enjoy all the warm weather while I’m stuck with this cold weather. Oh, I hate winter.

Winter has its own qualities I guess. It snows here so that’s something. But I would much prefer WATCHING snow than actually being in it. Anyway, this cold weather is making me a bit more sentimental than usual. Maybe because I had so much fun in California few days ago… I’m feeling a bit lonely~ It’s been about 7 months since I went out on a date with a guy and the only guys I see in class are either too skinny, too old, or too stupid. I’m sorry but that’s true. I won’t name any names but there are some questionable people as to why they are in the MBA program. The people I hang out with are really cool though. Jessica T and Cynae are in the management MBA program with me so we’re stuck with each other for the rest of this year! They’re really crazy and funny haha. When we went out for a drink before I left for California, Jessica even played this little trick and got half off from each martini we had. =) D and Kissongo are cool too, they’re two guys in the management program too. Kissongo (lovely name isn’t it?) is from somewhere in Africa.. I forget the name.. It’s not south aftrica, it’s not ethiopia… O well. D is one of the older guys in class, went to west point, then now he’s in a consulting business and owns his business. He’s like the head of our team hehehe. There’s this woman from Naigiria (spelled that right?) and she has two kids and a J.D. She came to the U.S. few years ago and wanted to get a J.D. but said it was hard to get in because she didn’t have much work experience or scholastic experience in the U.S. Last term, she was kind of annoying cuz she’s one of those people who would comment on EVERYTHING the professor says. We wanted to shoot ourselves everytime she spoke. But once you get used to that, she’s hilarious.

My other friends are Cathy and Christina but they’re in the marketing program so we’re taking a different class this term. We’ll be in the same finance class in January though. We should all go out again.

So these are my friends here in Atlanta. They make everything interesting; it’s too bad that I dont get to see them that often outside class. I commute like most people here so we only get to be with each other if there’s a project or something.

But other than these people, and few other cool people I can think of right now, are really really boring. Especially men I meet around the campus are either too desperate or too full of themselves. I just wanna meet a decent man!!! WHY IS THAT SO HARD?





haha guess what. I was preparing some breakfast this morning and when I turned on the stove, I set my sweater on fire.  My right arm. I was in awe and was kind of disappointed that I had to put it out so soon.


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