Back at Work:


Mmm… It’s been so much fun at SB. First night, I went to KCN… I was so glad I was able to see people at KCN! Sangkyu oppa and karen picked me up.. we went to KCN and went to the after-parties. Went to Frank’s house after KCAG after party to celebrate the success of KCN. I haven’t seen Steven in a while, and this time Frank finally remembered me. There were a lot of people I knew there. Nara, Doyoung oppa, Frank, Hyunwook, Steven, Jaewoo oppa, Kerry unni… Then I met Dongyeol, Dongyu oppa, YJ unni, Hyunwook’s girlfriend and Jaewoo oppa’s girlfriend… oh and Hyojoo… It was so much fun even though I met most of them for the first time and I wasn’t really close to the rest of them. Frank was really funny, especially when we were playing the soju cap game. I broke of the tail TWICE! and made Frank drink so much soju. And I always thought Nara was little too straight as an arrow kind of a guy but when he got drunk he mellowed out I guess… SO FUNNY!

Doyoung oppa and Sangkyu oppa took us to LA, we went to MGM karaoke, met up with Minwoo and sang for almost 2 hours. It was a blast. I havn’et been to karaoke with a bunch of people in a hwile so it was great. Even Hyejin unni came for a little bit. Doyoung oppa sang better than I thought. We even sang a duet song and that was my first time.. haha it was just so much fun, every minute of it.

Anyways, he’s really talkative and during one conversation on the way back to SB, he talked about friends and relationships. Obviously, he lived his life longer than I did mine, there were things that helped me think about relationships as well. Wow. I really took his words seriously this time… I didn’t make fun of him or anything haha.

AH~ I wish I could’ve met all these people I met today before I graduated. I’m gonna miss this place even more!


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