ahhh.. why is it that xanga and cyworld become so enticing when I have simply millions of things to do?

Tomorrow is my birthday but I’m planning to spend it all on work and school. It’s pretty sad. From 9~5, I’ll be working and from 6~11, I’ll be in class, doing my individual presentation on the industry assessment I did for electric sign businesses.

I have a take-home final due in few hours, and the individual project due tomorrow, as well as the group project due on Wednesday. Then I’m off to CALIFORNIA!!!!

=) I’m so happy that I finally get to see so many of friends after all these months. Although it’s only a few days…

Few days ago, I had lunch with Sinae.. Kinda sad that she’s leaving to Korea soon. Her birthday is the day after mine, so we exchanged gifts and such. I got a beautiful earrings. They are PURPLE too!!! =)

Anyways, the weather in Atlanta is soooooooo much better now that it’s Fall. The leaves changed colors so beautifully. I can look out the window and see our backyard is in all different shades of red, yellow and green. ahhh. I almost like it here now. =)

Suzanne and I went outside for a picnic and I really went crazy with the camera and started taking pictures of myself again. =) so here they are:

It was quite embarrassing when you’re trying to take a picture like this in a shopping mall while everyone walks by and stares at you like you’re crazy…. This is in front of Cheesecake Factory.. MMMM YUMMY!

As you can see I love this tshirt. =)

wow my hair is so damanged.. anyways. The weather’s so nice, especially in the afternoon!


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