ahhh i’m done with one scarf.. now one more to go cuz suzanne wants it.

i’ve been really knitting, crochet-ing, and studying japanese and lsat.. keeping myself busy.

i can’t sleep at night for some reason. i stayed up until 8 am this morning!!! when i fell asleep, my alarm went off at 8:30. so yeah i barely got any sleep last night. i would fall asleep, then wake up again in about an hour.. i never knew not sleeping could be this much painful!

but mainly, i’m excited. i’m excited that i’m learning again. i’m obsessed with japanese dramas now. arg. i’m still lost without the subtitles but hey, i’ll get there. =D hopefully.


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  1. ugh.. I know exactly what you mean about not sleeping wuz.  I forgot how painful it is getting over jetlag.  I’m sitting around at 5am, and i just woke up after going to sleep at 2.
    I’m excited about going back to school.. its a weird feeling!  Good luck with Japanese!  It’s tough.  Oh and crochet me something too!

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