whoa.. xanga changed. anyways

i reinstalled xp so my computer’s good. it took me almost 4 days to organize my old stuff and back it up. but i’m glad it’s done haha

i’ve been studying french again. it’s amazing how u forget a language after only few years. hmmm well even with english, if i spend few days with korean-speaking friends then try speaking english to someone else, i stutter. hehe.

weather’s cooling down. my family planned to go to the disneyland in florida this labor day weekend, but canceled because of the ridiculously high gas price. due to the hurricane katrina, some places in georgia is now at $6.00 a gallon. SIX DOLLARS! i’ll never drive again. well FORTUNATELY the average gas price in metro atlanta is around $3.00 and at costco is still $2.89 but still, can’t drive long distance with that kind of gas price. this is so hilarious… yet so seriously depressing.

i painted my old desk in almond white. it’s really pretty. my mom has addiction to soft colors like mint and white.. everyone who visits my house is always commenting on how white my house looks. growing up with this, i got so sick of soft colors. mom and dad.. and suzanne loves mint, pink, white… and i got to love more vivid colors.. deep red, black, purple. when we moved to atlanta, and i visited my house for the first time, i was like, PAINT MY ROOM COFFEE. like the wall color you see in many starbucks. mom painted it BEIGE. arg.

well my room is too small for me, so im moving to the guestroom. haha. well that’s kind of why i’m redecorating my room. im so sick of how white the wall is. well, mom officially forbade me to paint the wall so i’m sticking to changing my furnitures. black bedsheets, deep wood/brown ceiling fan, and almond white desk. purple curtains. i’ll take a picture when i’m done with it.

ahh alrite, that’s about it. i’m gonna go study.


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