omg.. it’s official… my computer is a pos. #*(Y@#IHGklHDIHEG> *sigh* a few days ago, i was looking for this song.. it’s euro dance song and i couldn’t find it anywhere until i googled some euro sites and stumpled upon innocuous looking website.. then all of a sudden, my computer slowed down…

no song on the site.. it got taken down, AND my computer started acting up weird and installed like 5 adwares/spywares.. pissed me off, i tried running ad-aware and norton but the computer slowed down SO much that these programs failed to catch ANYTHING at all.. i’m gonna try to see how it goes today.. i might have to reinstall xp all over again…

did you know the window update now has this feature that you have to register and validate your copy of xp? they figured out a way to detect pirate copies… which is what happens to be mine. ARG.


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