downtown atl was fun on wednesday. hehe went to underground and coca cola company and cnn.. then went to see a jazz fest at the olympic park. it was as fun as i thought it would be but it was still pretty cool… hanging out with suzanne all day at somewhere we’ve never been to together. suzanne really liked the coca cola company.. only because she got to drink anything and everything.. haha j/k. i wanted to take her there ever since i went there with karen. and it was such a sisterly moment. you know?

anyhow~ i think i’m finally getting a new mp3 player. creative just sent me an email saying that my replacement has been shipped today. should get it in a few days. so that’s cool~ =)

i’ve been really just taking care of my body and studying hard. an hour of yoga everyday, drink plenty of fresh lemon juice (i squeeze it myself hehe) and water.. eating good food 3 times a day. definitely trying not to overeat. it’s been easy since i stay home all the time now. ah….

i’m trying not to worry so  much you know? just trying to keep it cool.


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  1. worrying is good in moderation…just like tanqueray and shrimp cocktail and yeah. anyways, take care babe. ill call you soon~~~ i just got back in irvine a few minutes ago. ok bye baby

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