had an okay day today. not very productive, but it was relaxing. made nice pasta dinner for suzanne and me. =) is there anything better than a good bowl of pasta and some tuna salad? yum yum.

went to costco to get some tampons. the cashier was a guy, and the receipt checker was also a guy.. they both freaked out at the sight of a box of Tampax. The receipt checker dude freaked out so much that he forgot to give us coupons. hahahaha. so that was fun.

and went to gwinett mall to buy some cards. it’s always fun reading those cards. =) i love reading cards when i have some time to kill. came home and talked with suzanne for a while.. then she left for her salsa class. i stayed home hehe but she taught me some moves after she got home.

is it possible i’m overanalyzing my life? sometimes i feel like i’m purposefully putting myself under the microscope and pick out every little thing about myself. doing this really helped me though last few years of high school but i’m starting to think if i had enough of it and should stop. i get this rush when i realize something about myself and build a generalizing theory based on my life and my observation of other lives. but perhaps, sometimes things are to be left unbothered? where is the balance between living life to the fullest and studying yourself well to make the best out of your life? how do you find that?

i’m doing great. i really am. it’s almost as if i’m starting all over again. staying in GA has been really therapeutic for me.


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