i keep having this dream. well.. dreams..
things happen a little differently each time, but when i wake up, i always have the same feeling.. like something so great happened, then now I miss it.. waiting for it happen again soon. each dream feels like a goodbye, i’ll see you next time. i feel perfectly settled yet really bored.. and boredom makes me sad for some reason. i feel like i’m missing something i already lost and forgot.

anyways.. today was one of the most relaxing days this week. i finally got to go outside.. mom and i went grocery shopping.. then.. i feel like we walked so  much today. good exercise i guess. jeez, i think i have a fever. i’ve been getting sick so often thesedays. not like i used to in sb.. no not that sick, but sick nonetheless.. maybe, my body’s so used to being unhealthy and sick, now it’s having an allergic reaction to becoming healthy again. hahaha

anyways. good night everyone. still dont have alot of phone numbers.


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