it’s rather interesting how you look at your parents and think to yourself that you’d never end up like that. that’s either a good or bad thing, it’s up to you i guess. on one hand, i really think my parents are great and i’d never become a parent like they were to me. on the other hand, i look at mom and dad and make a serious resolution not to get married and get forced into meaningless working life just to feed a family.

you might think i’m a bit idealistic, too spoiled. but if there’s a farmer who grows delicious fruits under the sun, there’s a person who works in a fabulous office, clad in fabulous Marc Jacob and Choos, who also buys those fruits. it could be a matter of principle, really. it’s how you define happiness. happiness to someone may be being a boss of his own, or enjoying what he already has instead of wanting what he does not have.

to me, i guess happiness is convenience. it’s wanting and getting things that make my life much easier than that of others. less of messy details, more of fabulous fabulous fabulous. but still have all those miserable, yet lovely moments to look back on and say, i’m much better off now that i have worked so hard when i was younger….

like a perfect movie ending. after all the shit, you laugh and cry about.. but the movie still ends so beautifully.. good guys win, bad guys are.. well forgiven. and slightly ugly but witty, good girls meet good guys, model-thin bad girls end up alone. that should be my life.

what should i do with my life?


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  1. i guess that’s the idealistic world that college students (especially those of who are upper middle class or above) dream of. But there’s a lot of work that goes behind the image of a perfect life. Nothing is as it seems and everything is based on its cover. How deceiving the world is! I say follow your dream, whatever it may be, and don’t lose focus. You may see through the disguise of glamour later and not want it anymore but you must have wanted it bad enough to pursue it. Of course what do i know… i’m just starting my way into the real world. =/
    good luck with whatever you decide to do, dear! if you’re ever in the bay area, give me a call. ^_^

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