The other day I was on the phone with karen, i realized i miss school so much. ahhh i thought i just missed california, santa barbara, the place, the weather, and the people. like the stuff you would normally miss when you  had graudated and left the place.

no, i miss the whole package i guess. the library, the 10-pound books in my simply over-worn backpack, walking sooo fast from south hall to buchanan to make it to poli sci 126 on time. in my 5-inch tall brick sandals. or staying in the rbr until 3 in the morning before a big exam, sometimes with friends.. walking through the almost-empty parking lot real fast cuz i’m scared of the dark and the imaginary drunken rapist that might be hiding out in the bushes. then fall on my face cuz i stepped on a pebble and my brick sandals aren’t flexible enough to balance me. results in a ripped sandals andn walking home on barefoot.

crazy professors, annoying people in class who seem to have memorized the entire book and to enjoy reciting them over in class everytime the professor says something relevant… or not.

ah.. i saw this guy wearing a backpack, waiting for the bus. i miss wearing a backpack!!!

the weather’s absolutely beautiful here in atlanta. getting real hot too. karen and wj might visit in june. woohoo!


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